Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids: Uniting Families Through DIY

What makes Christmas so special for children? It may be the magical wonder of Santa Claus, the warm fuzzy feeling the lighted Christmas Tree at home makes us feel or the iconic jingles we look forward to each year, or even the tingling excitement of opening gifts as a family.

As we continue our countdown to Christmas, the festive spirit most felt by children; their endless imagination, the wonder of the season, the many Santa stories that come to life in their heads, the exciting time they get to spend with their families, and most importantly, the thrill of opening a beautifully (or horribly) wrapped gift just for them.

Were you thinking of getting another toy for a child close to you? Perhaps another gadget like an iPad or a Nintendo Switch to excite them? Or maybe a bag they have always wanted? 

Personalize your gift this Christmas, as you bring more meaning into this joyous occasion. These gift won’t be temporary; In fact, it would be kept as keepsakes for the family to look back on. You could craft it in your own expression before gifting it, or create beautiful memories with your child working on it together this holiday.

Craft Kits

Crafts kits offer a succinct and user-friendly gateway into the wonderful world of DIY. Unleash a child’s creativity and imagination as you allow them to explore a new skill with PaperMarket’s extensive range of easy, fun, and super value DIY craft kits for kids or adults this Christmas.

For starters, one of our best-selling products, Loopdedoo Friendship Bracelet Maker Kit ($43.95), will allow your family to create new memories as you work together and create customizable bracelets for one another, which will certainly create a sense a belonging and unity as you wear them out in your daily lives.

Create your very own customized jewelry within the family with the Create Your Own Polymer Clay Jewellery Box Set ($17.95). Polymer clay lends itself to versatile styles, shapes and colours. It is also simple and fast to work with and doesn’t require expensive and hard-to-access ceramic equipment – just an oven. 

Liven up your home as you work with your family on some DIY home decor! The Craft Crush Mini Terrariums ($32.95) would do just that!

Paint without worries! Everyone can be artist when one of our Paint By Numbers is involved.  Have a blast with our Paint By Numbers Canvas 30 x 40 cm - Amethyst ($39.95), allowing each member of the family to create a spectacular art piece!

Shop our other honourable mentions, Punch Needle Embroidery Kit - Celestial ($39.95), Craft-tastic Pandacorn String Art Kit ($32.95), Ultimate Paint Pouring Art Box Set ($32.00), and Craft-tastic Design Your Own Flower Art Kit ($29.95).

Scrapbooking & Papercraft Collection Kits

Explore a new hobby or develop a new skill with the family as you utilise our extensive range of scrapbooking products for your creations! Create ever-lasting memories through family scrapbooks as you record the time you spend together.

Shop our Christmas Magic Collection Kit (now at $23.77), Salutations Christmas Collections Kit (now at $23.77), Jingle All The Way Puffy Stickers (now at $7.67) and many more wonderfully themed paper products and scrapbooking materials for your use! Not only can they be used for your scrapbooking needs, these fancy paper are also suitable for making greeting cards, home decor, craft projects, and gift wrapping!

Spice up your family crafts with our wide range of Alphabet & Number Stickers as well as Decorative Embellishments for your choosing!

You may also take a look at some honourable mentions; the Mambi 12X12 Page Kit - I Love My Family - Stickers, Embellishments ($19.95), Jolee's Boutique Dimensional Stickers-Love You Family ($7.95), and Pebbles Jen Hadfield This Is Family 6X8 Paper Pad ($18.95).

As difficult as crafting may sound, these gifts will sure to last a lifetime. Take this opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try these gifts options for your child this Christmas! You'll never run out of gifting ideas when you shop online at PaperMarket.


With lots of love,

The PaperMarket Team

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