Amazing Origami Series - Animal United

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Set of 28 beautifully colored Origami sheets which can be folded into animal shapes. Included in this set are 28 sheets of origami paper printed on both sides, 4 sticker sheets and a step by step instruction book teaching you how to make the animal creations.

The sticker sheets contain all sorts of pretty details like eyes and feathers so you can decorate your finished origami. Origami is a great pastime and helps children learn to follow step by step instructions and visualize a 3d object as they work from a flat piece of paper to the finished object. This origami set for kids includes instructions to make a variety of animals including a whale, penguin,chicken, elephant and birds.

  • Size: 21.7 cm x 1 cm x 22.9cm
  • Age: 3 +

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