Perforated Planner Washi Tape


Use this easy-to-write-on washi tape to make moveable notes in your planner and add headers to your journal. Unlike typical washi tape, this tape can be written on with ordinary water-based pens, so you can use it with the pens you already have. It features six frame designs that are perfect for making titles and headers. Microperforations between each design make them easy to tear off cleanly without using scissors or a cutter. The designs in this roll feature a colorful, hand-drawn look that adds a charming touch to any planner.

Dimensions :

  • Title/Life Lettering : 20mm x 5 meters long
  • Monthly/Pattern :20mm x 5 meters long
  • Title/Heart :20mm x 5 meters long
  • Title/Marker :20mm x 5 meters long
  • Monthly/Frame :20mm x 5 meters long