Marks Pre-cut Washi Tape For Diary-Bread


Easy-to-use "perforated" masking tape that is perfect for decorating notebooks and notebooks. The illustration of delicious bread is a design that makes the page warm.

Set 3 masking tapes on one core. It is a popular masking tape that is irresistible for decoration lovers, packed with three types in one.

Since the length of one roll is 2m, the slim silhouette with a diameter of 15mm is easy to put in a pen case and is perfect for carrying around. It is also attractive that you can use it until the end without getting tired.

Simply write and paste it, and your notebook or notebook will quickly change to your own atmosphere.

We have cute illustrations that you can use according to your taste and scene.

[Precautions for use]

* Do not use for anything other than stationery.

* Please use a water-based pen for writing. Use with other writing instruments may cause faintness, bleeding, or color transfer.

* For pens with a high ink flow rate, it may take some time for the ink to dry.

* Depending on the material of the adhesive surface, the pasted part may be damaged, glue may remain, or the adhesive strength may be weak and it may be easily peeled off.

* Please use it after trying it in an inconspicuous part.

* Please refrain from using it for long-term storage or important items.

* When using on thermal paper, carbonless paper, etc., the characters may disappear.

* Do not use or store in places with high temperature and humidity or in direct sunlight.

* Please avoid using and storing the product within the reach of children.