Brush Calligraphy Kit

A perfect beginner's must-have kit for anyone who wants to learn how to write in brush script and try out modern calligraphy. Kit includes a comprehensive 60 page guide book, with tracing alphabets (both upper & lowercase) plus guide sheets, to motivate you to continue your daily practise. All material and essential tools are carefully selected to get started on the right note with proper foundation in letterform. By the end of the guide book, you will be able to create beautiful brush calligraphy, writing all upper & lower case letters, numeric and connecting words in no time! Reference against lettering variations and exemplar included in the guide book to draw inspiration in developing your own style. The #toolartcreativekit for Brush Calligraphy makes the perfect gift or for yourself to pick up a new skill in writing beautifully. CONTENT - Professionally Printed, Comprehensive Guide Book with Upper/ Lower Case Letter Tracing and Guide Sheets X 1 - Calligraphy Practise Pad Plain, 50 Sheets Padded - Premium Paper by @ANTALISSEA X 1 - Watercolour Paper X 2 - 3 Piece Pointed Aqua Brushes (Fine, Medium, Broad) X 1 - Artist's Grade Watercolours In Travel-size Circular - Palette X 1 - EXCLUSIVE #KGCOLOURS Handmade in Singapore, Vegan Metallic Watercolours "“ Cosmos X 1 "“ Saturn X 1 SIZE A4 Size (21 x 29.7 cm) "“ Guide Book "“ Practise Pad A5 Size (21 x 14.8 cm) "“ Watercolour Paper