Calico Sun Alexa Necklace - Lightning Bolt


Bright colors accentuate the sparkly yellow and pink electric lightning bolt pendant necklace. The delightful layered glitter acrylic lightning bolt charm is the star of the show, but doesn't eclipse the lovely long multi-colored tassel. The complementary colors of the tassel reflect the yellow and pink hues in the glitter lightning bolt charm. All this is suspended from an aqua colored cord that is adjustable up to 26 inches. The glittery lightning bolt necklace will soon become a favorite jewelry accessory in no time!

  • Alexa Necklace - Lightning Bolt
  • Glitter lightning bolt charm necklace
  • Layered acrylic glitter charm pendant
  • Long multi-colored tassel
  • Adjustable aqua cord necklace to 26 inches