CraftMaker Create Your Own Polymer Clay Jewellery

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Polymer clay jewellery is everywhere in the market – and for good reason! It lends itself to versatile styles, shapes and colours. It is also simple and fast to work with and doesn’t require expensive and hard-to-access ceramic equipment – just an oven. 

In this kit, polymer clay artist extraordinaire Nadine Sharpe places the power of creating simple but sublime jewellery in your hands. Nadine will take the creator step-by-step through making 7 stunning pieces of jewellery, including 2 pairs of gorgeous earrings (1 with tassels, 1 with gold-foil flecks) that you can make with just the components in this kit and household tools.

  • Net wt. 5 x 20g (0.7oz) polymer clay
  • 1 shape cutter
  • 1 clay roller
  • 2 black tassels
  • 1 gold-leaf foil sheet
  • 4 head pins
  • 10 jump rings
  • 1 necklace cord
  • 24-page book