Desk Warning Sign - Smart Ass

Dumb people always getting things wrong? Correct them with this hilarious plastic desk warning sign, and watch how they gasp in astonishment at your brains (or groan at your fact correcting). With text that reads "Warning Smart Ass Fact Corrector Prepare To Hear Um, Actually...", simply stand this bright yellow sign up on your desk to let everyone know who has all the information. A perfect novelty gift for your intelligent self or for a friend who doesn't know when to shut their mouth, Great for birthdays and Christmas. Um, Actually... - A funny novelty gift for a work colleague (it isn't their fault they think they're smart) - Small enough to stand on a desk without obstructing. - A perfect secret Santa, birthday gift, Christmas present or an all year round gift. - Bright yellow plastic material. Dimensions: 25 x 11.8 x 1cm