Gift Wrapping Paper Roll - 2M Black Gold Twinkle Stars

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Celebrate the gift with this set of classy wrapping paper with patterns to ensure.Size : 200cm x 76cm (2M) Design work well for any occasion -- birthday, shower, congrats, wedding, and holiday gifts. Also great for craft projects, table coverings, and other artistic inspirations. SUITABLE FOR WRAPPING LARGE GIFTS! This gift wrapping paper ships as a continuous roll of 2m. WE CARE ABOUT HOW YOUR WRAPPING PAPERS SHIP What can be more frustrating than wrapping a gift with wrapping paper that is crushed or folded? We hate it too and have taken extra steps to ensure that all gift wrapping papers from PaperMarket are delivered with care. This wrapping paper roll ships as a roll with inner cardboard tube to ensure that it ships well. Wrap gifts without unsightly folds and creases, each wrapping paper sheet is rolled up not folded. FREE Double wall shipping carton included to ship orders of 6 or more Wrapping Paper rolls.