Jen Hadfield Live and Let Grow Collection-Washi Tape

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This package includes eight rolls of washi tape in eight designs, some with gold foil accents. These rolls are each six yards in length, making a total of 48 yards.

These rolls have different widths. There are three rolls that are 0.25" in width, one roll at 0.61" in width, one roll at 0.65" in width, two rolls at 0.375" in width, and the widest roll is 0.875".

This washi tape can be used to create frames on cards and scrapbook pages. It can be used to decorate journals, planners, and envelopes. It can be used to put edges on cards, tags, and other projects. This tape can be used as a sticker. This tape can also hold lightweight embellishments. There are many other uses for this tape and you will never tire of finding more ways to use it.