Jojo Tiger Toasty Plush


Way cuddlier than a real tiger, Jojo the Tiger toasty plush is ready to curl up with you whenever you need them. Their lovely lavender smell will have you drifting off to dreamland in no time.

Heating Instructions:

  1. Remove pouch from the plush
  2. Put the pouch in a clean microwave
  3. Must be used with a microwave plate, do not use it without a microwave plate. The bottom of the microwave is extremely hot, and can damage the pouch.
  4. Place a cup with about half inch of water in it, next to the pouch. This will prevent the pouch from drying out.
  5. Heat pouch for 60 seconds
  6. Let the pouch sit in microwave for 30 seconds
  7. Put the pouch back inside the plush
  8. Enjoy toasty warmth!


500 - 750 W 1 min

800 - 1000W 1 min

*Please avoid placing pouch on the metal rack inside your microwave (may burn the pouch so use a microwave safe plate)

The Basics:

  • Dimensions: 12"
  • Outer Plush: Made of polyester and super soft cotton
  • Inner Pouch: Flaxseed filling, lavender scented

Care + Content:

  • Outer Plush
  • Hand wash only
  • Do not iron, bleach, or tumble dry

Inner Pouch

  • Only clean with damp sponge
  • Do not immerse in water
  • Only reheat at room temperature