Jumble Head & Heart A5 Wellness Journal - Routines & Reflections


Discover the essence of self-expression with the "Head & Heart Journal." Embrace your Two Minds as you journey through your thoughts and feelings in these weekly journals. This isn't just a journal; it's a testament to your beautifully messy life story.

● NAVIGATE LIFE'S MAZE: Let the "Head & Heart Journal" guide you through the twists and turns of life and celebrate the journey!
● SPLIT LAYOUT – Featuring weekly affirmations and challenges on one page, and split ruled and dotted notes page opposite
● EMBRACE YOUR QUIRKS AND IMPERFECTIONS: The emotionally empowering weekly affirmations sections allow you to celebrate your uniqueness and emotions and connect with your authenticity.
● PEN YOUR STORY: Capture moments, dreams, and doodles on its welcoming notes pages, whether it be on the structured lines or the creative bullet section.
● 100% RECYCLED PAPER - Go Green: Feel awesome writing on eco-friendly paper, saving both your mind and the planet.