Latchkits Puppy


The classic latch hook craft kit is back! LatchKits are a fun and easy-to-learn craft—just loop, hook, and pull! Everything you need is included: the handy latch hook tool, pre-cut yarn and color-coded, easy-to-follow canvas make getting started on your project a snap. The sturdy canvas features fabric-lined edges and hanging loops to create your very own soft and fuzzy design that's ready to hang on your wall or use as a mini-rug—it's a great anytime project!

CRAFTY FUN "“ Make an adorable Puppy to hang on the wall or use as a mini rug!

EASY-TO-LEARN "“ It's as simple as loop, hook, pull!

NO SEWING OR CUTTING "“ Everything comes exactly as needed for use without any extra sewing or cutting.

DISPLAY YOUR ART "“ Convenient canvas loops make hanging up and showing off your creation effortless!

INCLUDES EVERYTHING TO MAKE YOUR OWN MINI-MASTERPIECE "“ Each LatchKit comes with illustrated instructions, the handy latch hook tool, pre-cut yarn, and color-coded canvas.