Mask Box - Random


Having trouble storing your mask while you savour that burgeroutside? Yep, we know the pain! We have used ziplock bags and many other things to store our masks, but they are just not as great as having one that smiles at you all day long and giving you that hug whenever you need it!

Our mask box is made of PP plastic (aka food grade plastic) and is dust and moisture-resistant! Plus, it comes with our in-house designed printand an upliftingmessage to keep you up throughout the day!

Masksarehere to stay... So why not bring a mask box that will brighten your day whenever you go!

Product Details

  • ~In-house designed print
  • ~11 cm X 9 cm X 2.7cm
  • ~Able to store 2-3 surgical masks
  • ~PP Plastic/Food Grade Plastic
  • ~Dust-resistant
  • ~Moisture-resistant