Nickelodeon Paw Patrol - Super Pup Heroes off Duty!: Fun Learning Set

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Super pups to the rescue! Join the heroes on amazing adventures and learn their superpower: teamwork! Here’s a fun learning set filled with vibrant images of the paw patrol pups, interactive puzzles and fun activities. Toddlers can solve puzzles like spot the difference, dot-to-dot, counting numbers, tracing the alphabet, identifying shapes, and more. The adorable paw patrol images will attract their attention and keep them glued to the activity sheets for hours.

  • 6 Wipe & Clean mats
  • 20 Activities
  • 4 Coloring sheets
  • 15 + stickers
  • 1 Sheet to paste stickers
  • 1 Pen with duster
  • 1 Appreciation certification