Origami Paper 6.75 X 200 Washi

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This paper pack contains 200 high-quality, large 6 3/4 inch origami sheets printed with delicate and colorful washi-inspired patterns. These vibrant origami papers were developed to enhance the creative work of origami artists and paper crafters. The pack contains 12 unique patterns, and all of the papers are printed with coordinating colors on the reverse to provide aesthetically pleasing combinations in origami models that show both the front and back.

This origami paper pack includes: 200 sheets of high-quality origami paper 12 unique patterns Bright, saturated colors Double-sided color 6.75 x 6.75 inch (17 cm) squares Step-by-step instructions for 6 easy-to-fold origami projects In Japanese, wa means 'Japanese' and shi means 'paper.' With a history of more than 1400 years, the craft of making washi paper is a registered UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.