Origami Spectacular! 2

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This value-packed origami kit provides hours of fun for folders of all ages and skill levels! Create colorful origami animals, insects, boats, flowers and other unique paper projects. This kit literally has something for everyone! Get busy folding paper animals (like a skunk, swordfish and husky puppy); 3D objects (a Japanese house, chopstick rest and pinwheel); money origami projects (heart, turtle, tulip); and much more!

All of the models are valuable keepsakes you can give as gifts or use to decorate your bedroom or desk.

This kit includes a 64-page book with 60 projects, plus 114 origami sheets in 4 sizes: 24 6.75-inch sheets in 4 patterns and colors 36 6-inch sheets in 4 patterns and colors 40 4-inch sheets in 4 patterns and colors 12 practice dollar bills 2 6-inch sheets of gold foil