Clay Cutter - Set A Stud Pack


These stud cutters are truly made by makers, for makers.   
We’ve gone through many iterations, with the sole aim of getting the most ergonomic size.

Set A consists of 6 basic shapes for your creative needs.

All cutter shapes are designed for use with all ear post sizes stocked by Outline.

Cutter Measurements:
Small base - 13mm (0.51") -14mm (0.55")

(Size of cutter is measured based on its interior – at its height or width from end to end, whichever is longer)

To ensure the longevity of your Outline cutter, 

  • clean it with damp cloth or soapy water
  • allow it to air dry before putting it away
  • avoid direct sunlight
  • do not put it in dishwashers

We suggest using a needle to gently dislodge the clay build-up inside the crevices (esp. with 17mm cutters) - preferably every 2-3 cuts of clay, as the build-up is inevitable due to the size and detail of our cutters.

While our cutters are designed to be durable and strong, any excessive force will damage the product's integrity.