Dan Egg Tart Ambient Light

  • PORTABLE LIGHT — Battery-powered light is easy to take with you on long trips..
  • LONG-LASTING — LED light lasts approximately 100K hours and has an automatic 1-hour shutoff..
  • CUTE AND KAWAII — Dan is totally cute and loves to light up any room with his sweet smile..
  • COMPACT SIZE — Measures 4.64 x 1.65 inches and fits easily into a backpack or overnight bag..
  • BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED — This ambient light requires 3 AAA batteries

Portable Night Light Dan the Egg Tart is a compact and portable lamp that deliciously lights up any room. Clocking in at just 4.64 x 1.65 inches, he fits on your nightstand, in your bathroom or in a travel bag. Just 3 AAA batteries brings this cutie to life so you can share every adventure with him by your side!

Long-Lasting Ambient Light. The LED lightbulb lasts for approximately 100K hours so you can count on Dan all the time. An automatic shutoff goes into effect after one hour, so it's perfect for use as a night light or nursery lamp to help little ones enter the dreamland.

Cute and Kawaii Dan the Egg Tart is totally cute and loves to be in the spotlight. With his sweet smile, soft glow and Japanese kawaii style, you'll love showing him off to your friends and family.