Super Zap! Best Nail Art Kit Ever


Ready to turn your fingernails and toenails into works of art? This kit is for you! The 80-page book in this value-packed nail art kit contains super clear step-by-step instructions for 23 fab nail designs and crafty creations!

The Super Zap: Best Ever Nail Art kit contains everything the would-be nail artist needs to create their own nail art, including nail wraps, nail file, dotting tools, sponges, striping tape, nail-art pen and brush, glitter and fancy stickers!\

• Nail polish

• 2-in-1 nail-art pen & brush

• 2 tubes of glitter 

• Stickers

• 2 rolls of striping tape

• Nail file

• 2 dotting tools

• 2 wedge sponges

• Nail wraps

• 80-page instruction book