Typography & Hand Lettering Workshop

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This workshop is curated for beginners and is suitable for all ages. Bring your creativity and enthusiasm to learn! Both left- and right-handers are welcome. 

**Children are welcome to join as long as they are able to learn independently alongside adults and take formal instruction. Parents are welcome to sign up together with their child to learn.

This workshop will give an overview of the differences between writing, lettering and typography. Participants will learn how to distinguish and appreciate different forms of typography and lettering styles. Participants will learn the basics and key principles of letter construction, composition and more and get to try their hand at various ways to draw letters creatively.

Using this as a starting point, participants will then learn to conceptualize, draw and refine their own beautiful artwork under Lisianne’s guidance, which they will be able to take home.

All materials, tools and equipment necessary will be provided and gifted to participants upon workshop completion.

Note: participants are to bring to the workshop 1 (or a few) quotes in mind to create their final art piece.

Lisianne Chan

Instagram: @lifelettering

$78 / pax
$138 / 2 pax

Hurry! Limited to 8 slots per session!

YOUR SAFETY IS IMPORTANT TO US. The following measures have been taken to ensure your safety during the workshop:

- Limit of up to 8 participants
- 1m safe distancing observed in the studio
- Temperature taking and SafeEntry recording
- Studio and tools are thoroughly sanitised before, during and after the workshop
- Strictly no sharing of tools during the session
- Participants who are unwell will be turned away. Arrangements will be made for the workshop kit to be delivered