Wooden Desk Sign - Thermally Challenged


Fed up of colleagues letting the arctic winds in when leaving doors open or those that whack the thermostat onto "hotter than the sun" setting? Tell them how you really feel with this hilarious wooden desk sign complete with a gold plaque. With text that reads "Thermally Challenged - Today's Forecast is Mainly Moaning About The Weather" These wooden desk signs with nicknames on the gold plaque are perfect for a gimmicky office Great for a secret Santa gift or a humorous gift

PERFECT DESK ACCESSORY "“ Whether you buy it as a treat for yourself, or for your classy boss or colleague, this fun desk decoration is the perfect accessory for getting your point across!

FUN NOVELTY GIFT "“ This is the perfect novelty gift for a female entrepreneur on their Birthday, Secret Santa at Christmas or as a self-indulgent treat!

Dimensions: 4 x 4.5 x 17.5 cm