📚Back to school! The essential list for your kids! 🧑🏻‍🏫

As the back-to-school season rolls in, step in to a realm of creativity and organization with Papermarket's stellar collection. Our high-quality products seamlessly blend unique designs with functionality, creating the perfect ensemble for school kids of all levels embarking on a new academic adventure. From San-X to Ooly, Fjallraven Kanken bags to Sunstar planners and more, our curated list ensures that your school shopping experience is not just a task but an absolute delight. Dive into our online one-stop school stationery store for gifts online that resonate with unique designs and high quality your kids would fall for.


1. San-X

Bring joy to the classroom with San-X's enchanting school supplies. From Sumikko Gurashi files to memo pads, and I.D. holders, these adorable designs make for perfect companions. Explore the magical world of San-X at Papermarket, where creativity meets functionality.

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2. Ooly

Unlock the artistic potential in every child with Ooly's vibrant array of pens and stationery! Ooly coloured pens and sticky note tabs add a burst of colours to your kid's writing endeavours. Explore the Papermarket, the online stationery shop for Ooly gift ideas – the ideal choice for young artists and creative minds.

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3. Fjallraven Kanken Bags

Elevate your back-to-school style with Fjallraven Kanken Bags. Combining timeless Nordic design with durability, these bags are more than just accessories; they're school kids' must-haves. Find them at Papermarket, your one-stop stationery store for back to school essentials.

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4. Sun Star Planners

Start the semester on an organised note with Sunstar planners. The perfect blend of unique designs and functionality, these planners are essential tools for school kids of any level!

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5. Moco Mocha

Infuse charm into your school days with Moco Mocha's delightful treasures. From whimsical document clips to adorable correction tapes, Moco Mocha products are the epitome of unique, adorable designs and high-quality craftsmanship. 

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6. Nuimee Pencil Cases

Prepare for a unique school term with Nuimee pencil cases. These plushy cases combine cute designs with practicality, ensuring that school supplies stay organised in style.

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7. Cororo Pens

Make every note a masterpiece with Cororo Pens, adding a colorful touch to your writing tasks. These vibrant pens bring an extra splash of creativity to the classroom.

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8. Twiink Stationery

Unleash creativity with Twiink stationery, where every stroke becomes an artwork. With various coloured pens to choose from, Twiink brings a touch of magic to the classroom.

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With the help from Papermarket as your guide, your back-to-school journey becomes a delightful exploration of unique designs, high-quality essentials, and thoughtful gifts online. Embrace the excitement of a new academic year with stationery that sparks creativity and adds a touch of magic to every learning adventure. Happy school shopping!

All products are available in-store at PaperMarket Greatworld #01-120 and Online.

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