Big Dreams, Big Fun! 10 Gifts For The Little Ones

Have you ever been asked the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Whether your answer was a chef, scientist, a teacher or something creative, here’s a list of 10 gifts to shop online for all the little kids with big dreams and aspirations.

For the Finance Gugu
Shop online for the Dollar Origami Kit – Great for kids who like a good mathematical puzzle or simply counting the dollar bills after every lunar new year.

Watch us play with our dollar bills here!

For the Floral Fashionistas 
Shop online for the Fantastic Flowers Paper flower Maker Kit. If she has a keen sense of fashion and insists on picking her own set of matching PJs or colourful OOTDs ‑ this is a perfect match for her! She’ll enjoy this craft activity of putting together a beautiful bouquet of paper flowers. 

Click here to watch how fun and engaging this craft kit can be!

For the Homemakers at Heart
Shop online for the  Craft-tastic Jr Wall Sticker Playhouse. If “I wanna be like mummy” is her answer to the question, then this little one is sure to love some playhouse stickers! A little creative and imaginative play goes a long way in building a child’s confidence in life.

For the Word Smiths
Shop online for the To Do Planner - One Day At A Time (Undated) because what’s a writer without pen and paper? Enable and encourage these language lovers to organise their thoughts and daily to‑dos.

Watch a quick therapeutic reel on how we used out planner here

For the Design Diva
Shop online for the Punch Needle Kit - Bloom. To all the designers and crafters at heart ‑ we hear you. If needles and thread are your way to go, then go ahead and enjoy working on something you love!

For the Cutest Chemist
Shop online for the Craft-tastic Make Your Own Fairy Potions Kit – A fun and engaging imaginative play for the curious chemists ‑ Experiment mixing up a magical concoction to create unique fairy potions to display or wear as a charm. 

For the Cat Whisperers
Shop online for the Klutz Pom-Pom Kitties. Wouldn’t this make a great gift for the kids who can’t get enough of the little fur friends? Have them spend a therapeutic time making your own purr-fect pet cat!

For the Space Lovers
Shop online for the Drone Home. Fascinated with planes, spaceships and perhaps flying drones? We’ve got you covered with Drone Home, a great party game for the cool kids. Have a blast! 

For the Creative Artists 
Shop online for Polymer Clay tools and accessories. Notice some talent? Have your kid practice higher level crafts and home their sensory motor skills. Slowly but surely, they’ll gain confidence in their masterpieces too.

For the Budding Chef
Shop online for the Klutz Mini Grocery Store. The only time when you’re allowed to play with food. Yum! Gift your little kitchen helper a cute and engaging Food activity kit to sharpen her skills.
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