Button Badges: 7 Coolest Ideas!

So you've just bought yourself a Button Press Maker and have been busy creating like there's no tomorrow. Perhaps even beginning to feel guilty about the button badge mountain that's growing by the day. Running out of bag or jacket space already? Here's 7 coolest ideas for using and displaying your button badge creations so that the badge making can continue!

1. Frame It

Image Credit: We R Memory Keepers 

If you have spare frames lying around, you might want to grab them! Organise your buttons in any shape and way depending on the theme! Circles, hearts, sqaures, allow your creativity to flow. 

2. Pop em' on a Corkboard 

Image Credit: 

Image Credit: Anno Badges

No foam dots? No worries. These button badges give your photos or posters an extra pop! Best part being that you can take what you love from the former and latter anywhere, anytime. 

6. Unique Display & Storage

Image Credit: DIY in PDX

Show off your collection with a banner! This doubles up as a cool way to display and store your badges. To step it up, you can even make the banner yourself with patterned papers or felt. 

7. Show Your Appreciation

Image Credit: We R Memory Keepers

Make a rosette that says it all. It's the perfect accompaniment to any special occasion to make your loved one feel extra special. 

Are you inspired by any of these ideas? Tag us on social media and show us what you did with your button badges! 

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