Crafting-benefits for all ages!

We have a tendency to believe that arts and crafts are only for children, but that isn't the case. They're also incredibly beneficial for adults, and it's more valuable than ever to implement them into our weekly routines. Even if you believe you aren't creative or don't have any particular skills, remember that we are all crafty, each in our own unique way.

Preschoolers & Kids

Arts and craft go beyond than simply allowing one to express themselves in a creative way. They can be crucial in enabling more child development. Here are some crafting benefits that helps in child development.

1. Coordination and fine motor skills


Crafting activities requires kids to manipulate materials. Studies by early childhood development center has shown that these activities helps to develop their fine motor skills and bilateral coordination. Simple acts of painting, gluing or cutting during a crafting activity helps to quicken their development in fine motor skills.

2. Creativity , productivity and critical thinking


Children's imaginations are limitless. An article written by Paula Bernstein has shown that arts and crafts are a great way for them to channel that limitless imagination into something more productive. The endless possibilities bring about a range of choices. Choices such as, what colour do you want to use? What shapes should I use to draw? All of these push kids to think more critically, to decide and evaluate their decisions or simply trying out all these possibilities.

Not sure what to start introducing your kids on crafting activities? Here are some of our craft kits that will help you!

Teens & Tweens

As children grow into teens and tweens. They become more aware about themselves and their surroundings. So, how can this age group benefit from crafting?

 1. Boost Self-esteem and confidence


An article by ArtsEdge, Kennedy Center mentions that crafting or completing anything creative boosts our self-esteem and feeling of achievement. When you finish a craft project, you get a sense of fulfillment, also known as the "Yeah, I made that!" effect. There is no limit to how we can go about crafting; thoughts such as "I'm not smart enough for this activity" need not hold true. 

2. Develop patience, focus and perseverance


We live in a world of instant gratification, not everything is going to happen instantly. The process of crafting requires one to wait for things to dry or set before moving on to the next step. Creating the importance of taking the time and effort to actualize a successful craft project. With relation to an article written by Susan Luckman, these actions may help us in developing these skills in a long run.

It is important to encourage crafting activities over forcing one to do so. Here are some of our craft kits that you can share with your teens & tweens, they may end up taking an interest in them!


In these difficult times, when adults can easily become overwhelmed, it is often essential to step back from the pressures at work and home. Arts and crafts can be used as a form of distraction therapy to help clear your mind off of uneasy thoughts and feelings. Now let us take a closer look at these benefits and why you should do them more often.

1. Improve overall mental wellbeing and stress


Crafting provides us with a sense of therapy. We are constantly trying to get things done in a fast-paced society. Struggling to catch up with everyone gradually becomes emotionally exhausting. Immersing yourself in these activities can help you feel significantly more refreshed as seen in a article written in CNN Health by Jacque Wilson.Simply let your creative side to take the lead and start crafting your worries away.

2. Boost your mental flexibility


Crafting for adults stimulates creativity and decision making. It promotes the formation of new brain connections, which has been scientifically proven to improve our intelligence according to National Academies of Sciences. By stimulating our brain in crafting we can maintain mental health and slow down mental deterioration.

3. Opportunity to socialize


Looking for more ways to spend time with family and friends? We feel more connected to the people we love or appreciate when we share happy moments with them.Nothing beats the satisfaction of sharing a hobby with people who share your tastes and interests.

Here are some crafting project recommendations to get you started!

We hope that by sharing these benefits of crafting, we can inspire you to begin your own crafting journey. Crafting does not require any special abilities or settings.The possibilities, as well as the health and emotional benefits, are limitless regardless of age group.

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