Creative Collaboration: Crayon White

Crayon White Polymer Clay: The Ultimate Canvas for Creativity

The flexible and durable properties of polymer clay certainly make it an all-rounded medium loved by the young and old. If you’re thinking of creating your own homeware, jewellery and wall art, you’ll find that the sky's the limit with clay. 

Crayon White’s unique name was born from an inclination to create wearable art and also, from the basis that the colour white is the foundation of all creativity. 

“A piece of art usually starts afresh from white. At Crayon White, we aspire to light up your palettes by blending an array of colours to reflect your own personality!”

What inspires Shanie? Textures, palettes seen on fabrics and daily sights are where the founder of Crayon White, derives her creative ideas from. 

There is one particular piece that Shanie remembers as her favourite - a brooch themed to the Hufflepuff house from the famed Harry Potter series. Whilst researching the house, she discovered that she resonated strongly with Hufflepuff’s core values. 

“Hufflepuff is the most inclusive amongst the four houses; valuing hard work, dedication, patience, and loyalty. If Crayon White was to be a student in Hogwarts, she will probably be housed under Hufflepuff.”

Like most artists, Shanie is happiest when she’s able to share the joy of her craft with others who want to learn more.  

“Workshops are the only time we get to meet (our students). Our happiest memories come as we teach at our workshops, seeing our students using techniques we have mastered through our trial and error.” 

Shanie also feels extremely comforted when students return after workshops to share their own creations from home. 

“We believe everyone has their own perspective and flavour for crafts, we learn a lot from our customers too and it brings us great joy!”

Boundless chances for creativity and the thrill of clay play await you. Visit PaperMarket's DIY Mix & Match bar to unleash your creativity and make your own jewellery or, take home the fun with kits from Crayon White!

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