Top 10 BFF Christmas Gift Ideas

 It's that time of the year again and you're stressing over a gift that would be perfect for your bestie. But this year ought to be special. For being there through this challenging year, the good and the bad, you want a gift that says how much she is loved and appreciated. We've put together a list of Top 10 Gift ideas that would be sure to delight and send lots of love her way!

1. IAMKAI The Onigiri Bag + Pouch

Calling all sushi lovers! Here's an iconic Onigiri set you can get your best friend! It's sophisticated, elegant and maybe even delicious. The Onigiri Bag takes you effortlessly from day to night with its simple, yet iconic design. Truly a feast for the eyes!

2. Boba Boba Everyday


The perfect gift set for your BES-TEA! Surprise her today with our Boba Gift Set and if she's stressed, our hand lettering art prints say it all.

3. The Cutest Airpod Cases

It's finally here! This christmas, keep your friend's AirPods safe with our Kawaii and protective AirPods cases! Get matching cases to twin perfectly!


4. Mint 'One In A Million' Beauty Bag

This handy purse bag would be perfect for your favourite BFF. Reminding her just how special she is! 


5. Floral Notebooks + Pressed Flowers Floating frame

Floral aesthetic is all the rage these days. If your best friend is a fan of floral prints, get her a pressed flowers floating frame accompanied with a set of 2 painted and pressed notebooks - ideal for your bestie's journaling needs!


6. Monthly planners + stickers

Give your best friend the gift of organisation this year! In fact, you can help her get a head start into 2021 as well! Best friends keep each other on track, don't they?


7. Paint Splash Suitcases + Letter Board

Spice up your best friend's home! 

Want to spice up your best friend's home but unsure of what to get for her? Fret not, here are some stylish items that will add flare to your bestie's home for sure!

8. Stylish DIY Kits


Maybe your bestie loves crafts and all things DIY. But you feel like you've gotten everything for your best friend? Personalise it by making it on your own! Or, if she's a DIY fanatic, send a kit her way!

9. Calligraphy Kits

Spend this christmas doing some calligraphy with your bestfriend. Maybe you both can switch cards afterwards! Who knows?

10. Voila Candles

Make your best friend's home smell like it's ready for santa's visit! Give your best friend scented tin candles with lovely colourful external designs and beautifully jewelled pieces in the wax. Is there anything more beautiful than that?

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