Tote-tally yours: Kate Spade Totes

Kate Spade offers a variety of totes in different sizes and styles to suit your needs. Whether you're looking for a spacious tote for work or a smaller one for everyday use. Continue reading to find the perfect tote for you!

#1 - Canvas Book Tote

The Canvas Book Tote is a versatile bag that comes in a range of sizes to suit different needs. Whether you prefer a vertical or a square shape, one of them is perfect for you. The square tote is great for casual outings and is a must-have for bookworms, while the vertical totes can accommodate laptops, making them ideal for work or school. 

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#2 - Grocery Tote

Make your grocery shopping experience eco-friendly with our versatile grocery tote! With its chic design and spacious interior, this tote can hold all your essentials, from groceries and water bottles to books and fresh flowers. 

Say goodbye to wasteful plastic bags and hello to a more enjoyable and sustainable shopping trip.

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#3 - Reusable Shopping Tote

Reduce your carbon footprint and look stylish while doing it with Kate Spade’s reusable shopping tote. Made from durable nylon, it can be used many times, reducing the need for disposable plastic. With its large opening and fabric tie closure, it's easy to load and unload your groceries and everyday necessities. 

This set also includes a produce bag and a zipper pouch, making it even more versatile. Do your part for the environment and add some flair to your shopping routine with this reusable tote.

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All listed products are available in-store at PaperMarket Great World #01-120 and Online.

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