PaperMarket shares BEST VALENTINE'S GIFT IDEAS 2021!

One thing certain about this Valentine’s is that it would be like no other. With the lunar new year festivities and Valentine’s coinciding with the ongoing pandemic, it will already be one of the most memorable ever.

One does not have to be in love to celebrate that’s for sure. And would you not agree that those who have been nearest and dearest during the most challenging of days deserve some love sent their way this Valentine’s?

We, at PaperMarket, took some time to think about our better halves and favourite persons and asked “What would make the best gifts to delight them?” Here’s our top picks which we’re happy to share with you!

1. Baofei’s choice - HIS & HER WEEKEND TOTE / BACKPACK

Who doesn't love a good quality, aesthetic backpack for casual weekends? Not to mention, stylish. With a wide range of colours and styles available at Papermarket, you’ll fall head over heels with these functional tote bags and backpacks. Get matching bags, add on unique bag charms whilst you’re at it. And did you know? PaperMarket is offering a FJALLRAVEN KANKEN launch special with a 10% discount and $10 voucher for embroidery customization! This is definitely the Coolest Valentine’s Gift for him, her, beau or bestie #couplegoals !!!



There's nothing sweeter than a handmade valentine's card for your gal pals. Best buddies who have laughed and cried, wined and dined with you and made many happy memories with. It’s time to surprise and impress them with a heartfelt card like this Simple stories Sweet Talk Collection - Simple Cards Card Kit. The step by step instructions included in the kit make it easy and quick to create several cards all in one seating. A card and a warm hug is the way to go this Valentine’s!

3. Charlene’s Pick – A SURPRISE PHOTO GIFT

The best surprise gift this valentine’s would have to be a handmade photo keepsake like this! A personal keepsake filled with photographs of that special someone with whom you share many wonderful moments.This PDA PHOTO DISPLAY SHADOW BOX workshop offers just that! A gift worthy project that is aptly YOU&ME themed and designed with the prettiest patterned papers. Slot in your favourite photographs and this gift would be ready to impress!



When it comes to love, there are million ways of expressing emotions. Scented candles could be a perfect valentine's gift of Love, Well-Being and Calm. Lynk Artisan scented candles are now available at PaperMarket in a large variety of aromas. We recommend their signature White Tea which is truly one of the loveliest. Lynk Artisan candles are cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and made lovingly with 100% natural palm wax.


Joy is in the process of making something together. Create pieces of art with someone whom you’d love to spend quality time with and with whose company you’d delight in. Play with crystals and discover their healing and health benefits as you pick up soap making techniques in our CRYSTAL SOAP WORKSHOP. Crafting 4 soap bars each and you both will take home gifts that keep on giving…cheers to Happiness & Health!

6. Elaine's Pick – “JUST BECAUSE” GIFTS.  

We do not need reasons beyond “just because” to give these cuties away. Just because I love you, Just because you mean a lot to me, Just because it warms my heart to see you smile. Just because……These CUTE GIFTS are sure winners with young and the young at heart. For your favourite niece, colleague or friend. 

7.  Meiling’s pick – HANDWRITTEN WITH LOVE

Of all occasions in a year, Valentine’s would be the one where you wished you had more beautiful handwriting. The pleasure of receiving a handwritten note tops it all. Pick up hand lettering tips and techniques before you pen down that final edit of your heartfelt message!

This Valentine's Day Hand Lettering Workshop is timely for the season of love and friendship! Learn how to create beautiful hand lettered cards and take home your very own work of art and stylish penmanship!


We hope you enjoyed this inspiring list of Valentine’s Gifts for your very special half.

Till our next blog post!

With lots of love,
The PaperMarket Team

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