Craft-tastic Nature Inspired Accessories


Experience the beauty of nature with Nature-Inspired Accessories! Gather beautiful natural ingredients from outside, then use them to create five different nature accessories—a headband, stick necklace, pressed flower bracelet, macrame necklace, and nature jar necklace. Items like the headband and nature jar that use materials that can expire are reusable, letting you design and redesign your accessories as many times as you want! Comes with all the tools to take some natural materials and make some adorable accessories!

Content: 10 pcs Acrylic Felt, 3 yds Elastic Cord, 2 Metal Rings, 30 yds Cotton Thread, 1 Plastic Jar with Cork, 1 Metal Cabochon Setting, 1 Faux Resin Sticker, 1 Metal Chain, 1 Plastic Headband, Instructions.