Kate Spade Ink Pen Key Fob-Autumn Dot


You never know when you might need a pen. This one, designed by Kate Spade New York, doubles as an accessory for your favorite handbag, too.

  1. Ring Keychain: The 10 cm Kate Spade designer fob pen comes with a ring keychain attached to the top of the cap providing dual functionality.

  2. Spade Charm: The Kate Spade Fob pen comes with a Spade charm giving it a gift worthy appeal. It can be a thoughtful and charming gift that can be given for birthdays, anniversaries, or as a way to show appreciation.

  3. Smooth Metal Ballpoint: The Kate Spade designer fob pen effortlessly combines smooth-flow writing with a heavy-duty feel, making a bold statement in person and on the page.

  4. Refillable: 8.2cm metal Ballpoint Pen Refill with black cap refill. The Metal ballpoint refills commonly used by multi tool pens.


Product Details

  • Design: Autumn Dot
  • Size: Diameter 0.9 cm
            Height: 13 cm (with cap)
  • Metal ballpoint pen has dual ends - one side is a black ink pen and the other side is a keychain - so you can always have a personal pen within reach
  • The end of the pen can act as a touchless tool for keypads/buttons to serve as your own personal clean care item when shopping in stores to help protect yourself and your employees
  • Pen writes smoothly and precisely in black ink and has a secure metal ring that allows you to hook it onto your favorite handbag to ensure that you never misplace your favorite ink pen again!