10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids

Christmas is quickly approaching! Shopping for gifts is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the holiday season. While they may have their own ideas for what to ask Santa for, why not get creative this holiday season and engage the children with craft kits? With the versatility of craft kits for individuals of various ages. Additionally providing them the opportunity to learn new skills, be creative, and create handmade treasures. What better way to spend time during the holidays than with a craft project? Here at Papermarket we have curated a list of award winning craft kits for you to choose from!

#1 Christmas Kits

Start off the school holiday with some Christmas crafting activities. What better way to look forward to Christmas than to start crafting some decorations for your Christmas trees? We have curated a collection for fun Christmas activities from sewing your own gift tags to putting together your very own mini Christmas ornaments. 

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#2 Stocking Stuffers

With so many gifts to open on Christmas morning, it's easy to overlook the importance of stocking stuffers. What makes stocking stuffers underappreciated is that, despite their ability to store small gifts, they provide a variety of different gifts to kick off Christmas. We have an array of small craft activity kits under $12 to help fill up your Christmas stockings this year! From kits such as Scratch and Scribble Mini Scratch Art kit ,Craft-tastic Unicorn Catcher to Craft-tastic Puffy Charm Bracelet Assortment.

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#3 Craft kits for Toddlers (3-5 years old)

Despite being a simple activity, craft kits help to develop fine motor skills, number and colour literacy as well as critical thinking in child development. Motor skills can be developed from simple activities such as drawing to help with hand to hand coordination and motor skills. A Craft-tastic Jr Wall Sticker Playhouse kit can recreate scenarios to help develop creative thinking in the form of choices. All these push kids to think more critically, to decide and evaluate their decisions or simply trying out all these possibilities.

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#4 Craft kits for Kids (6-12 years old)

Children of this age are more inquisitive. Take advantage of this opportunity to provide a one-of-a-kind and enjoyable experience that will aid in the development of self-directed learning. Nature exploration and self-discovery are encouraged by kits such as the Craft-tastic Scavenger Hunt Journal. By gathering these natural ingredients, you can help motivate learning in a fun way. Another advantage it provides is problem solving skills by providing a crafting project for them to gradually figure out. Kits such as Create Your Own Desk Set or making your own Rainbow Day Dream Soap are two examples.

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#5 Craft kits for Tweens & Teens

As kids grow into teenagers and tweens. They become more conscious of their surroundings as well as of themselves. From experimental kits to learning life skills like the Craft-tastic Learn To Sew II, there's something for everyone. It also helps to cultivate patience when learning new skills, such as calligraphy, which requires a lot of practice. 

All craft kits and supplies are both available in-store at Papermarket Greatworld #01-120 and Online. Shop here!

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