Kate Spade Designer Stationery Store - 14 Best Gifts for Her

With streets lit and ready for Christmas, are you still searching high and low for the best gifts for her this festive season? Be it for friends, colleagues, or that special someone, there are chic treasures for every list found in this Kate Spade gift guide for her! Even after this jolly season, these ideas are still the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and any celebrations throughout the year. From stationery to lifestyle products like umbrellas, lunch totes, and bottles, find a luxury lifestyle gift for your loved ones here to make the dullest work look aesthetically pleasing.


#1 For the one who loves flowers / Flower lover - Floral & Bouquet Toss

Minimalistic yet elevated with a pop of color and tiny flower patterns, this collection brings out the girl boss in them. Be it a shy and quiet gal, portray this aura wherever one goes, with a Luggage Tag, Pen Key Fob, Grocery Tote, and Tumblr.

Click here to view Kate Spade's Bouquet & Floral Toss collection here!

#2 For the elegant one / Nature gal - Autumn Floral

Maximalists would love this collection covered in elegant floral patterns! With bigger and bolder designs, stand out of the crowd with the Lunch Bag and Tumblr. Alternatively for something less bold, one can go for the simple black dots on green with the reusable shopping tote and Ink Key Fob.

Click here to view the full Autumn Floral collection here!

#3 For the Minimalist - Navy Painted Stripe

Using everyday products are made even more chic and classy with these pieces painted with navy stripes. Up another level of chic with touches of gold on our 17-month planner, Stylus pen with a pouch, and lunch tote. There’s nothing better than looking extra chic with minimalistic pieces for daily usage!

Click here to shop the full Navy Painted Stripe collection here!

#4 For the Joyful one - Vintage Cherry Dot

Blue dots with elements of cherries make this collection aesthetically pleasing. Match this collection with the Navy Painted Stripe for they go so well together! Check out the Tidbit Plate Set with 2 of each design.

Click here to shop the full Navy Painted Stripe collection here!

#5 For the Elegant one - Floral Garden

There’s something about being in a garden that brings about comfort and a feeling of being at ease. Elegant ladies would love carrying this comforting feeling everywhere, with our collection of butterfly prints with flowers! 

Click here to shop the full Floral Garden collection here!

#6 For the Chic lady - Joy Dot

Here’s one for the ladies who appreciate bold simplicity. Simplicityness with a pop of color. The Grocery Tote would be the perfect choice for a mother!

Click here to view the full Autumn Floral collection here!

#7 For the Office Lady Monochrome collection

This one’s for the OL’s! Up their office space with this extensive luxurious monochrome design that is sure to catch some attention! Either in polka dots or striped form, this collection shouts “CLASSY”! The Pen Set with Tray, Loose Note Holder with Pen and Ink Pen Key Fob would be the perfect choice for them!

Click here to view the available Polka Dot or Sarah Stripe collection here!

#8 Spring Plaid

Pretty plaids for the lovely lady! Checkered and bright, mothers would love this collection, especially with the handy dandy Travel Umbrella, Lunch Tote, and Lunch Bag.

#9 Candy Stripe

Nothing like bright and colourful essentials to brighten someone already so cheerful! These pieces in candy stripes are sure to bring a smile to her face everywhere she goes with an ID Holder, Umbrella, and Lunch Bag. Or, while she’s at her desk with the Notebook, Pen Key Fob, and Mechanical Pencil.

Click here to shop the full Candy Stripe collection here!

#10 Gold Dot w/ Script 

The gold dots on white instantly screams “LUXURIOUS” in any space. Using anything in this collection will make one look elegant and luxurious. The perfect gift for anyone!

Click here to shop the full Floral Garden collection here!

#11 Wedding planners

There are just countless small things happening in the lead-up to the very special big day - WEDDING. Grab a bridal planner to ensure you stay organised and have the perfect wedding day!

Click here to view the full Kate Spade wedding collection here!


#13 For the new mothers - Baby Book

Never miss your child’s milestones with Kate Spade! 

Click here to view the full Kate Spade baby collection here!

#14 Greetings Cards

When giving gifts, remember: it's the thought that counts. even sending a lovely card says a lot, and of course, kate spade new york has a lovely assortment of stationery to help you do so. Including a set of 16 cards and lined envelopes that features a bunch of festive pups to ensure all of your loved one's holidays are merry and bright. With cards catered to a range of occasions like weddings, birthdays, and appreciation, you are sure to find one best suited for your needs anytime!

Click here to view the full Kate Spade greeting card available here!

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