10 Perfect Gifts Ideas for Valentine's Day

Surprise your loved ones with a unique Valentine's Day present! We have put together a list of 10 types gifts specifically tailored to their likes and preferences which you can find on our online gift shop! Only you know her best ~

Here’s a list of “Someone who loves …” 

Let’s begin! 

#1 Cuddles

You know what they say about rainy days… It’s cuddle weather! But it doesn’t rain every day, does it? Give your loved ones a good cuddle anytime with our wide range of cuddle buddies of all shapes, sizes and materials! Are you spoilt for choice in our gift shop? 

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#2 Minimalistic

Ever heard of the phrase “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”? Minimalistic and organisation goes best hand in hand for the true ultimate sophistication. A simple first look, but an organised interior like a 2023 personal planner that comes in three colours!

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#3 Being put together

Is she all about being presentable and organised? We’ve got your back (or hers)! Get organised for work, school, and your casual errands with our range of totes.

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#4 Handmade from Scratch

There’s no better gift than one handmade by you, for her. Make a little book - a scrapbook at that, and reminisce about your favourite moments within those few pages! It could be as simple as printing and pasting, and going crazy with the decorating. Have fun while you’re at it!

#5 Handwritten Cards

When giving gifts, remember: it's the thought that counts. Even sending a card filled with words from the heart brings the brightest smile to their faces. From… to… we’ve got a card for everyone! 

Express your love here ~

#6 Practicality

Is she saying no to plushies, flowers, or chocolates? Is she all about practicality and practicality only? Grab something romantic while keeping it practical with our Kate Spade hearts collection! Stainless Steel Small Tumbler, Pencil Case, Canvas Book Tote, Tumbler with Straw, Notepad

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#7 Cute & Functionality

Does cute things excite her? Why not up one level and give something functional while still being cute? Here in our stationery store, we’ve got your back with our range of San-X stationery from notebooks to bags.

#8 Things of Novelty

Fancy a bag that looks like sushi? Salmon or Tamago sounds yummy! A whole bag looking like an onigiri, or a purse, or both! What about brooches that are simply funky?

#9 Smelling Good 

Is she a fan of scents wherever she goes? Floral, fruity or sweet, our online gift shop has got to have a scent for her! Hand sanitiser, candle, room spray, or essential oil, these scents come in varying types.

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#10 Dressing Up

Don on our Ban.Do apparel like a t-shirt with motivational quotes! Spread the joy and positivity wherever you go this Valentine’s!

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Till our next blog post!   

With lots of love,

The PaperMarket Team

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