5 Birthday Party Ideas

Planning for your kid's birthday party and need some party ideas? With some parents planning as early as months in advance, we get that birthday planning can be a stressful responsibility to take on. Fret not! Whether you're planning for a small, intimate celebration or a birthday bash that everyone will know about, here's list of 5 birthday party ideas. Get inspired, go party!

1. Party theme ideas

Birthday parties often have some kind of theme, such as an animal theme, unicorn theme or maybe just a simple colour theme where the entire party is decked in a single colour – from party decor to party games, and sometimes even the guests will come dressed to match too. So begin your party planning with a brainstorming session for a theme for the party, then you can begin shopping for the necessities. For a start, here's some party theme ideas to pick from:

  • Mermaid-themed birthday party
  • Fairy-themed birthday party
  • Unicorn-themed birthday party
  • Animal-themed birthday party
  • Floral-themed birthday party

2. Party wear ideas
If you've ever been to a themed party, you'd notice that the kids like to dress to impress! Kickstart the birthday party with a quick, easy, and most importantly, mess-free event – a session to put on some temporary face paintoos! It's cute, colourful and fun, a sure way to make the kids excited, even before the real party begins! So put your party face on and let's party!

3. Party activity ideas
Games, crafts and fun – this is the real highlight of the party! Organise a DIY crafting session with the kids and make exciting party crafts like a charm bracelet to wear or a design a personalised birthday card for the birthday boy or girl. Play up the party game up a notch with a DIY Surprise Ball craft kit for the girls to celebrate. Art and crafting is a great way to engage the kids for hours!

4. Party favour & gift ideas
Not to forget the kids' favourite, a party favour! Whether it's a bag of treats, a sheet of stickers, a box of shiny new beads to play with, or a craft that they made themselves with a DIY craft kit, party favours are a must-have! Make this birthday bash a memorable one with a parting gift to remember. 

5. Party decor ideas
You've got your birthday party theme settled, party face on, decided on the party activities that will keep your little guests busy, and even prepared cute party favours. Now, just don't forget to put up the decor! Beautify the party venue with balloons, garlands and maybe add a cute rainbow letter board to the party table decor, just for the special occasion. 


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