5 Ways to Get Happy!

Happiness is a craft from the heart, intentional time set aside for yourself, the feeling you get when everything goes according to plan, and a good playlist to vibe with. From bright and colourful craft kits, a new range of scented candles and unique planners, here's a list of things to make you happy!

Get Hands On
Surround yourself with bright, happy colours to boost that mood! If “blending into the crowd” is not your style and you prefer to stand out, be unique, and express individuality – Have a go at customising your own tote bag, t-shirt or pouch with tie dye! Experiment with the different fabric dye colours, fold and tie the object using various methods and observe endless creative results.

Craft & Chill
Happiness is a handmade craft away. It’s okay if you’re not the adventurous, explorative type of maker. Sometimes, a peaceful craft and chill session is just what you need to find joy. Ease into your comfy corner and simply enjoy a slow and therapeutic me-time crafting. Browse our full collection of DIY craft kits and feel free to pick whatever makes you happy.

Join a Crafting Workshop

We get excited whenever we get to learn and try out a new craft! If trying out new activities spark joy for you, come join us at our upcoming Jesmonite workshops. Make your own Jesmonite crafts, decorate them with dried flowers casted in resin and bring it home! Alternatively, if you have experience with Jesmonite, shop all the materials you'd need to get started on your creative expression.

Pamper Yourself
We could all do with a little break from the demands of work, school, or life in general. How do you de-stress? For us, we love to put on some happy tunes, soothe our senses with a scented candle and unwind with a hot cup of tea. You deserve to feel the best. Treasure every me-time moment you get!

Plan for Joy
Relish in the satisfaction you get when things go just as planned. It’s not every day you check off everything on your to-do list and that’s okay! We just have to strive to be better and manage our time well with planners and organisers that help. Plan your time, plan for joy! Check out our range of creative planners to pencil in all your plans, intensions and wild ideas.

With lots of love, 
The PaperMarket Team

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