5 Craft Kits for Kids to Learn Through Art Therapy

Art and crafting has not only proven to be helpful in boosting one's mood but also focusing one's mind. From colourful beads sets to origami craft kits, here are 5 unique craft kits for kids that will help to stimulate sensory motors and encourage the development of fine and gross motor skills. Let the kids learn through play!

#1 Paint by Sticker Kits for Kids

Paint by stickers is a sticker book activity that's suitable for children and adults alike. The act of matching up the stickers with the numbers to fill up the picture is not only therapeutic and calming to the mind, but it also provides an opportunity to practice number literacy as well as fine motor skills in young children. If your child finds this activity book a breeze, you might want to consider going for the original Paint by Sticker kits in which each activity page requires more stickers to complete.

#2 Beads Set 

Colourful and fun, these beads sets aren't just for play! Stringing the beads together and even making a knot to close the loop of a bracelet or necklace gives kids an opportunity to sharpen their fine and gross motor skills. What better reason to get this as a gift for kids? Not to mention, these DIY kits are sure to please and delight the little creative minds. Let the kids get creative with whatever they could craft with this fun and engaging beads set.

#3 Origami Kits

Children learn better when parents lead by example, so go on and enjoy a simple parent-child bonding time learning to fold an origami together! While it might sound like a challenge, origami is a relatively easy craft to pick up, especially with the easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions in the DIY origami kits. Not only does folding origami train the fine and gross motor skills of children, but it also provides lots of opportunities for imaginative play!

#4 Sparkle Kits for Kids 

Sparkle Kits are creative DIY projects that are suitable for all ages. Pick various themes from unicorns to animals, and let the kids learn through creative play! This fun craft activity is sure to engage and keep the kids busy for hours, fostering patience and resilience, building character through art and crafting. On top of that, the intricacy required of selecting a matching coloured sparkle to the number printed on the canvas also helps to develop and fine tune the fine motor skills of young children. 

#5 Spirograph Kit

Creating art can be as simple as drawing circles with a Spirograph craft kit! Suitable for all ages, this geometrical craft activity kit encourages creativity and learning through art. Let your child practice their fine and gross motor skills while draw unique pattens and designs that could double up as a card design, or used make simple paper crafts. Learning has never been made more fun for the kids! 

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