5 Eco-Friendly Brands with Sustainable Plans

So you've heard of global warming and you know that the earth is suffering. Everything we do leaves an impact on the environment. Will you join hands with us to do our part in saving Gaia? Maybe you’ve been actively practicing the 3Rs - reduce, reuse and recycle - or maybe you haven’t. That’s okay, you can start today! It’s better now than never anyway. Support sustainability when you shop sustainably - Here's a list of 5 eco-friendly brands with sustainable plans.

1. Pdipigna
An Italian brand so full of culture and heritage, Pdipigna is a socially responsible brand, producing high-quality notebooks and planners with the environment in mind. The brand makes conscious and careful decisions in choosing environmentally-friendly raw materials in their production process of notebooks and planners that seek to inspire children and adults alike. Feel good writing in a notebook you know was made with care for you and for the environment.

Shop quality Pdipigna notebooks and planners for school or work here.


2. SunJellies
We stan a brand that cares for the environment as much as they care about fashion. Did you know that these practical, versatile, vintage jelly bags are 100% recyclable? Going green has never taken on a cuter look! Carry your everyday essentials in these colour-popping basket bags. Perfect to bring on a weekend date or a casual picnic with friends. Look cute, and do good. Double win!

Shop SunJellies full collection of colourful bags here.

3. Noodoll
As a brand, Noodoll has always taken an environmentally-friendly approach to their designs and production process. With baby steps, they're slowly but surely working towards their goal of becoming a 100% eco friendly brand by sharing more, and wasting less. Shop gifts for her, gifts for kids and gifts for friends from Noodoll's adorable range of impeccably soft and plush stuffed toys here. Gifts with meaning don't just move hearts, but also save the earth. Gift responsibly, shop wisely!

4. Fox & Fallow
Trust Fox & Fallow to deliver beautiful and quality designer stationery with a socially and environmentally responsible approach. Fox & Fallow believes in making only what you need, so products are released in small batches just to keep up with the demands and most of their greeting cards and notepads are locally printed to keep their carbon footprint low.

Shop greeting cards, notebooks, notepads, pens, wedding stationery and gifts from the Fox & Fallow collection here.

5. Fjallraven
Fjallraven needs little introduction. As a brand that focuses so much on making equipment for the the outdoors, Fjallraven shows respect for the environment as their range of Kanken bags are developed and produced on nature's terms. With materials that are functional, durable and sustainable, you can rest assure that the bag packs you get from Fjallraven is mindfully eco-friendly.

Shop Fjallraven's range of Kanken bags here.

Not sure about you, but we're really happy to be part of this eco movement to help save our planet. We choose to live and breathe a eco-centric lifestyle and we hope we've inspired you to do the same too.

With lots of love,
The PaperMarket Team

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