Fun Packed Flat – 5 Kid Travel Essentials

It's not easy to pack everything you need for a family trip, especially when travelling with a kid. Basic change of clothing and toiletries aside, just think about the amount of snacks and toys you'd have to bring along to keep the kids occupied during long flights or train rides so that they'd stay out of trouble! Whether you've planned for a staycation or a quick getaway abroad this long weekend, here's a list of 5 fun and compact craft kits to bring when travelling with kids.

#1 Paint By Sticker Kids

Get ready to experience a quiet time of relaxation on the plane because you finally won't have to stress over how you could keep your kid in his or her seat without them feeling bored! This mess-free and commitment-free sticker activity book is a sure attention-grabber for the kids. Nothing beats a therapeutic sticker pasting session, filling up the blanks by matching up numbers with the rightful stickers that fit. Not only does this activity trains number literacy in children, but it's also a great way to engage them for hours. Even if it isn't for the purpose of travel, this serves as a great gift idea for kids too!

#2 Scratch And Sparkle Rainbows Activity Book

Consider packing a variety of kids activity books and craft kits in case the kids get bored of them. On top of the Paint By Sticker craft kits, get this unique rainbow-themed scratch book which comes with a wooden scratch tool! It works like a reverse-colouring book where you simply scratch to reveal coloured pages filled with rainbows and sparkles! Isn't that such a unique way to create art? 

#3 Ooly Animal Carry Along Sketchbook - Fox (9x7 Paper)

For the little creative minds, perhaps a plain old sketchbook would do the trick! Given the freedom to express their thoughts through a drawing session, kids will soon be immersed in creating a creative world of their own. Small and light, this friendly-looking animal drawing pad makes a great gift for kids to create art on the go! 

#4 Craft-tastic Jr Little Enchanted Sticker Town

This activity kit may be light and portable for travel, but it opens up to an imaginative world full of fun! Its flat and compact nature allows you to bring it on your travels and hang it up on the walls when you arrive at your place of accommodation. While it's not suitable for play on-the-go, it's a great entertainer for your child when you head back to the hotel room. Different activity kits serve different needs – be prepared for the trip with a range of crafts to engage and entertain your child no matter where you are and what you're up to!

#5 My First Origami Animals Kit

If you're looking for a learning activity for kids, do consider throwing in this origami craft kit into the mix. Not only does playing with origami bring entertainment to the kids, it also helps to train their gross and fine motor skills! This colourful craft kit is bound to engage (or distract) the children for hours, drawing them away from the digital screens. 

Go travel with the kids, but don't leave the fun behind! Here's our take on fun packed flat. We can't wait for the long weekend ahead!

With Love, 
The PaperMarket Team

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