Top 5 Planner & Journal Decorating Hacks

We live in an extremely fast-paced world. Work and personal life are frequently hurried and mingled in a frenzy of activity. We use planners to keep track of our own tasks and schedules. Most of us still yearn for pretty bullet journals or even that extra activity that could help us unwind. Here at Papermarket, we've compiled a list of useful hacks to help you organize and beautify your bullet journal. They are not only quick to complete, but they also add to your arsenal of ideas for improving your bujo game! 

#1 Colourful and Patterned Washi Tapes

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Working with washi tapes is fun and interesting because they are diverse and come in a variety of patterns and colors. Furthermore, it can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including metal, plastic, and wood, and comes off cleanly. Which makes it incredibly versatile, it can even be used for other types of decor other than just bullet journaling. Due to its paper nature, it is easy to layer be it another tape or a written calligraphy making it very easy to highlight sections. The fun part is choosing the type of pattern you like and the possibility is endless with washi tape designs.

Here are our very own collections of washi tapes from American Crafts to Echo park! 

#2 Variety Pen Nib Sizes 

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Having a variety of pen nib sizes may be more useful than you think. Certain pen nib sizes are ideal for highlighting certain types of typographies. With numerous kinds of writing habits, having the proper pen nib for you simply contributes to the experience of bullet journaling. Those who are accustomed to writing small, crisp letters may benefit from an extra fine tip. While a fine tip is ideal for adding calligraphy flair to your surfaces using colorful inks. The typical thickness is medium tips, which are more suited to general and signature duties. Broad tips are advantageous for speedy writing and pen smoothness. 

Unsure of where to start finding the right pen nibs? Here is some of our Kelly Create pen collection!

#3 Practical and Decorative Stickers

Stickers are one of the most popular and simple methods to personalize your planner or diary. Perhaps you grew up collecting stickers and haven't given them much thought as an adult, but you'd be amazed how calming and beneficial stickers can be for your entire planning practice. Adding visual representation to each area or even motivating messages to keep you going throughout the day!

Here's some inspirational stickers and functional stickers for you to choose from!

#4 Patterned papers and Scrapbooking

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Because a bujo journal is similar to a scrapbook, why not print out attractive photographs and stick them into your BuJo pages? Choose a theme, print images that match the color palette of your spread, and then paste them onto your BuJo's pages to add instant pizzazz and flair. Polaroid images, ticket stubs, photo cards, and other souvenirs can also be displayed. You can even cut and paste coloring book pages or watercolor art if you enjoy adult coloring. Get started on your creative bullet journaling adventure!

#5 The Dutch Door

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Bullet journaling utilizing Dutch door spreads is both functional and aesthetic. Simply allocate some of your pages and cut them differently to reveal pieces of the pages behind them. A dutch door spread may be used in a variety of ways. It is preferable to build on a large number of topics and parts in a few pages rather than cramming the entire section into two pages. While it is also a fantastic opportunity to experiment with different forms of overlay, it is important to not overwhelm the layers due to the nature of book binding. We propose using an Kaiser journal, which can contain vertical dutch doors up to 4 pages and has a thickness suited for both drawing and writing.

Here are some Journal collection to get you started!


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