The Christmas season is quickly approaching! Nothing compares to the joy of selecting the ideal presents for friends and family. What better way to complete the look this holiday season than with lovely wrappings? Here are 3 simple gift wrapping hacks to get you started.

#1 Using an array of wrapping paper, ribbons and card sets

Gift wrapping adds a finishing touch to an already wonderful gift. It adds a surprise element to your gift and makes the recipient feel even more special. Adding personality to your gifts making it all the more unique. For beginners we recommend getting a gift box as it is so much easier to wrap something square or rectangular. To make it extra special you can also add on a festive hand written card to show your appreciation!

Here is some of our collection of gift boxes and card sets to choose from.

Some additional tips and tricks to spice up your packaging would be to add ribbons or mixing wrapping papers. Before we dive into some of these tricks. Here are some ribbons and wrapping paper that may potentially get you inspired!

#2 GIFT RIBBON 3 Ways to attach ribbons

Layered Ribbons

Instead of using plain ribbons to tie your presents, experiment with different widths of ribbon to make your ribbon stand out.

Simply tie the ribbon together separately before pasting it on the box! If you are unsure on how to tie a perfect ribbon simply view our reels to find out more!

Puffy Ribbons

The secret to tying a puffy ribbon is to use a mesh ribbon.
The initial step would be to wrap the gift. Then, cut a piece of mesh ribbon. Fold the ribbon four times and tie it around the gift. This allows you to fan out the mesh and create a large fluffy ribbon effect.

Elegant Bow

If you're looking for something more classic this season, this could be the one! Firstly, wrap and twist the ribbon 3 times, loop around the center twice. Lastly insert the tail end through the opening.

Click here to view a step by step guide on our Instagram!

#3 GIFT WRAP HACK 1 wrapping paper 3 looks

Adding a belly band for contrast

Wrapping paper can be used in a variety of ways. To create a contrast to your packaging, use the underside of the wrapping paper to do simple wraps such as a band in the middle or shapes.

Creating stars as embellishments

After making a contrast on the packaging. Cut strips of wrapping paper into stars to make them. Aside from stars, origami embellishments can also be used to further decorate your packaging.

Reverse wrapping with decorations

Use reversible wrapping papers to create an interesting contrast between your packaging. You can also do this by using the backside of your wrapping paper. Simple decorations, such as paper ribbons, can also make the packaging stand out.

Click here to view a step by step guide on our Youtube Shorts!

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