9 Most Inspiring Types of Paper Craft

Paper is an incredibly versatile craft medium, even more so than we could have imagined. What are a few of your paper craft tips and tricks?

If you are finding it hard to start crafting with other types of material. Paper may be the best medium to get you going! All you need is a pair of scissors, glue and your very own set of papers to get you inspired. 

#1 Fold with Origami

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Origami is an extraordinary form of paper craft that allows you to transform a piece of paper to it into anything from flowers to animals merely by folding it. A variety of origami patterns and sheets can be utilised to achieve diverse outcomes. Some easy origami folding will help add additional flair and bonus touch as simple as adding it to a greeting card or a gift wrap. Here are some easy to follow origami flower books for you to start folding away!

#2 Convert Paper Into 3D Models

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With so many crafting supplies available to create your own 3D model. Why paper modelling? The best thing about paper modelling is that it is inexpensive and easy to acquire. Unlike polymer clay and plastic models, which take longer to adjust and are more expensive to acquire. Despite the fact that plastic models are much easier to assemble, paper models offer more options. You can even upcycle cereal boxes or used papers to make models if you want to be more environmentally conscious!

#3 Collect Memories and Memos with Scrapbooking

We are so accustomed to the convenience of accessing pictures and memories on our phones in this new digital age. Why not make them even more special by preserving them in a scrapbook? Simply copy and paste those moments, after which jot down some key memorable memos. Making them even more nostalgic to look through in the near future.

#4 Piece Together Your Own Greeting Cards


There's something special about receiving a handmade card that someone took the time to make. It's also very simple! You can create letters with calligraphy to using washi tapes. Alternatively, you could simply piece together leftover patterned papers from previous craft projects. While purchasing a greeting card is convenient, it may be faster and more personal to create your own!

#5 Roll, Shape, Glue With Paper Quilling

Do you know that paper quilling has been popular since the 15th century? It's amazing how paper strips can be twisted, curled, and rolled to create complex shapes. Making it a unique decorative art form for greeting cards, earrings, home decors and many more.

#6 Imprint Your Own Patterns With Decoupage

source: Feltmagnet                     source: stuckwithlovedesigns

Decoupage is a type of art that involves gluing paper, tissue, and other materials to wood, plastic, or glass. Instead of creating with paper, make it a part of your home décor. To begin simply gluing your own arrangements, all you need is magazine papers and mod podge.

#7 Recycle The Old With The New With Papermaking

Do you have a problem with a buildup of old used paper and rough papers? Recycle your paper and create something new. It is a simple process of soaking and blending old papers to make pulp. The pulp would then be sieved with a screen, resulting in a wet layer of paper. Simply add more water to your pulp mixture if you need thicker paper. Allow the papers to dry and you will be able to reuse them!

#8 Bind Your Own Book 

source: ggomiz

Tired of ripping pages out every time you don't like what you've written? Try your hand at book binding! You can arrange your loose leave papers before binding them into a book. The wonders of book binders give rise to a plethora of stitching techniques to keep all your pages together. From simple stitching techniques like Japanese book binds to saddle stitches, there is something for everyone.

#9  Shape Paper Into Flowers

source: pei_per_flower

Flowers have always been the most amazing gift or décor for any occasion. As absolutely gorgeous as it is, it is also fleeting. Paper flowers are incredible because they depict flowers realistically without any extra maintenance! All you need to do is gather all the necessary paper craft supplies to fold, cut, and glue them all together.

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