5 Tips to Creating an Inspiring Workspace

An inspiring workspace that engages our 5 senses definitely energises and motivates.

A burst of colour, invigorating scents and a ray of light can add happy vibes to any workspace.

Contrary to common belief, a decorated work desk does not distract but energises. Adding playful, stress relieving accessories may also just be the thing needed to pause, de-stress and regain focus and get back on task.

We offer 5 tips on creating an inspiring workspace and desk for you!

#1 Select a theme built on your favourite colours or print

Surround yourself with your favourite colours, motifs and theme. There's nothing better than looking at colours and things that make you happy! Bright and bold, butterflies or dots, the choice is yours. 

#2 Curate and coordinate desktop stationery items

With a few curated pieces such as deskpads, staplers, a pen cup or memo board, everything will come together nicely. Selecting desktop stationery items from designer brand stationery collections such as Ban.do and Kate Spade makes the process of matching everything up a breeze. 

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#3 Add ambient lights & scents 

Even if you're not privileged with a desk by the window, ambient lights and candles offer the soothing warm glow and comforting scent needed to recharge, breathe in and relieve some stress between tasks. 

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#4 Set up a bluetooth speaker for music 

An uplifting tune or a beat to get you into the groove of things at work. Bluetooth speakers such as these not only provide the music to see you through a challenging day, but double up as desktop clock and mini entertainment centre too. 

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#5 Include stress relieving accessories or fun plushies

For days when the going gets tough and the hours long, fun, cheerful companions would come in handy. De-stressing is just a hug and squish away. 

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Regardless of what you choose , your workspace should serve to keep you motivated, energised and happy and we hope that you'll find that balance at your desk at home or at the office soon.

Till our next blog post!

Withs of love,

The PaperMarket Team

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