Sumikkogurashi Character Guide

There are surely days when we all need space and time to be alone.
A quiet place to hideaway from the rush and noise of a busy life.
We find comfort retreating to our own familiar corners
This is a quick guide to Sumikko Gurashi - adorable and relatable characters
created by Yuri Yokomizo and the delightful merchandise loved by all

From mini plushies, large plush, kawaii stationery to cute acessories, it is hard to resist these cute characters from San-X.
These made in Japan original merchandise make the perfect companions at home, at the office desk or by your side!
Sumikko Gurashi merchandise also make great birthday gifts and gifts for a best friends - kawaii stationery lovers , cute plush addicts and Sumikko Gurashi collectors!

These limited edition merchandise sell out fast so it would be best to purchase them online as soon as each collection is released.

Meet the characters of the Sumikko Gurashi Gang!
Living a quiet and solitary life in the corner. They don’t like being in the center of the room or at the centre of attention
When they’re taken to the center of the room, they always rush back to the corner.

#1 Shirokuma

Shirokuma is a shy bear who migrated south to avoid the cold. Shirokuma feels most calm while drinking hot tea in a corner.

#2 Penguin

Am I even a penguin? Penguin has no confidence. In the past, there might have been a plate on Penguin’s head...

#3 Tonkatsu

The end of a tonkatsu. Made of 1% meat, 99% fat. Left behind for being too oily...

#4 Neko

Shy and timid, Neko usually hides in the corner. Neko worries about its body shape.

#5 Tokage

Is actually the last of the dinosaurs. It pretends to be a lizard to avoid being caught. Slowly warming up to Nisetsumuri.

#6 Furoshiki

Shirokuma’s luggage. Used to claim corners and when Shirokuma is cold.

#7 Zassou

A positive weed. Admires florists and dreams of being made into a bouquet one day.

#8 Ebifurai no Shippo

Too hard to eat and left unfinished. Ebifurai no Shippo and Tonkatsu are friends who understand each other very well.

#9 Tapioca

They are the leftovers in the cup as only milk tea was drunk up earlier. I’m fed up with this”(Tapioca’s muttering)

#10 Hokori

A careless bunch that often piles up near corners.

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