Kaiser For All ‑ 4 New Gifts To Delight!

Our biggest shipment from the Kaiser collection is here and we’re so excited to share the good stuff! From unique activity kits to busy the little ones, and crafts for parents who finally have some time to themselves – there’s something for everyone! Whether you like the outdoors and planning for travel, or you’re prefer to cozy up at home writing a journal, this range of craft kits, activity kits and lifestyle gifts are sure to please all. 


#1 Treats for the kids

Kids are cute, but they could really be a handful too, especially when there's more than 1 to look after. Well, parents need a breather too, so we're always on the lookout for activity kits to keep them entertained and engaged – hopefully for hours! With the latest drop from the Kaiser collection, you'll find bead sets to make beaded jewellery and creative sparkle kits for kids that is not only fun, but therapeutic!

Kaiser Sparkle Kits 40x50cm - Native Bouquet


#2 Off-duty parents

Find joy in the little pockets of me‑time moments and make something for yourself for a change. Hideaway in your secret place and enjoy a new craft or your favourite hobby while the kids are busy with their own activities in the other room. Treasure ever moment you have, because it's hard to come by! Find craft kits suitable for adults, like the cross‑stitch kit, embroidery kit, sparkle kits, and paint by numbers!
Needle Craft Cross Stitch-Flora Heart


#3 Outgoing travel addicts

Save up for the next family vacation! Caught the travel bug and already planning got your next long weekend getaway? Be motivated to save up in this cute money box to make your dream vacay come true! This makes a great gift for yourself and your fellow travel‑loving buddies. See also other money box designs to save up for your date night, the next craft project, or simply for a rainy day!



#4 Stayhome introspective writers

If you enjoy a little peace and quiet, spending your best me‑time moments in a cozy nook of your home, writing reflection prices and keeping journals of your week’s events, we have something for you too. Shop aesthetic notebooks and journals to pen and make sense of your creative thought processes. When writing is your way of expression, it only makes sense to keep it in books you’ll love! Shop unique journals, notebooks as a gift to self or for friends who share the same love for writing.

K Style Hardcover Notebook-Native GardenK Style Hardcover Notebook-Bottle Brush


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