Top 15 Crafty Things To Do With Kids This School Holiday

Fun, educational and creative art and craft activities to keep our toddlers, pre-teens and teens entertained and occupied!

Crafting activities offer the perfect opportunity for edutainment and family bonding. When the outdoor fun and attractions are done and everyone votes to stay out of the sun, DIY crafts and art and craft activities would be the best and cheapest way to keep the young ones and adults meaningfully occupied and entertained. Whether you’ve chosen to stay at home or are away on vacation, our list of the best family-friendly DIY craft projects offer engaging ways for creative exploration and sensorial play. Pick up new skills, master a new craft.

Our list of fun things to do doesn’t stop at 15, in fact, PaperMarket’s on-line store offers over 300 DIY craft kits, art and craft materials guaranteed to satisfy the creative needs of both kids and adults.

We promise you will not run out of ideas on fun activities for the family!

#1 Pickup hands-on Sewing Projects

Sewing may appear to be a difficult skill to learn but start small with felt projects! The most remarkable feature of sewing is just how much you can dabble with different types of materials and embellishments like buttons and decorative stitches. This coming holiday may be perfect time to start working on a sewing project!

#2 Weave your favourite things to life

If sewing seems too intimidating to undertake, weaving yarn and string art might be the ideal fit! Papermarket has a variety of string art kits to select from if you're looking for an art project to bring your favourite animals to life. If you prefer to craft one that you can utilise, the latch hook kit could be exactly what you need to build your own rug.

#3 Explore Colouring & Painting with a twist

Do you know painting helps to develop fine motor skills, eye coordination and colour recognition for kids? Colouring or painting is an activity that is easy to take on and engage creativity from within. Simply follow the numbers and input the correct colours with our paint by numbers kit!

Partake in painting as a fun family activity at home. If you prefer a different approach of creating your very own masterpiece, check out sparkle kits to bedazzle your own take on the artwork!

#4 Create wearable accessories through Clay Making Crafts

Have you ever considered getting into polymer clay crafts but aren't sure what equipment you'll need to get started? As clay is such a versatile material to work with, there are a plethora of moulds and possibilities. We recommend starting with a polymer craft kit to set you on the right track before increasing your array of tools. With the extra perk of being able to show them off to your friends and family after completing your very own clay creation!

#5 Master step by step Origami

Bring paper to life by folding them into origami sculptures. Fun fact about origami is the fact that it cultivates thinking skills in its users. Each phase serves a purpose in the creation of the final result. It may be frustrating at times when missing to complete one step will result in failure, but the satisfaction of finishing it is immeasurable!

#6 Tap into Paper Sculptures & Scrapbooking

Decorate your planners or keep a record of your favorite occasions with your own unique touch. Get ideas for your own scrapbooking aesthetic by looking at several forms of scrapbooking aesthetics. Despite the convenience of keeping photographs in our phones to remember the memories, why not add a personal touch to make those days more memorable? Scrapbooking has no set restrictions, so use this opportunity to let your imagination run wild!

#7 Up your Bullet Journaling game with Lettering & Calligraphy

Calligraphy is more than just pretty handwriting for a BuJo user. When writing, it stimulates neural activity, resulting developing in a broader vocabulary choices and more thorough texts. By taking the time to write down quotes or scrapbook titles. Calligraphy aids in the retention of valuable information. While making your scrapbook easy to read and appealing to the eye.

#8 Bake your very own Bread & Pastries

Baking, like any creative endeavor, is a form of self-expression that can help you relax. It's also a valuable life skill! There are so many different sorts of baked foods available; perhaps baking has always been your calling!

#9 Expand your sticker collection

Do you have a sticker addiction? We love stickers just as much as you do, so don't worry! With our extensive sticker collection, we've got you covered. We have sticker puzzle books as well as sticker collections to keep you occupied this holiday season!

#10 Indulge in bath bombs & Beauty Kits

Self-care is just as important as getting things done throughout the day. Seize the opportunity to de-stress, unwind, and relax. With a refreshed mind, you'll do better than ever before!

#11 Take on a slow puzzle building activity

Puzzles are one of the easiest and most effective ways to engage both your logical and creative abilities. By using spatial thinking, intuition, and focus to piece together the puzzle. While providing as an  excellent stress reliever and meditation tool. Meditation is simply focusing on one image for a long time without allowing other thoughts to enter your head. You get the same benefits from a jigsaw puzzle as you would from meditation.

#12 Imagine & Play Pretend Play with Craft Kits

Pretend play is considerably more than simple play activities; it involves complex cognitive processes, communication, and social skills. Children learn to negotiate, consider others' views, transfer knowledge from one circumstance to another, balance their own ideas with others, establish a plan and act on it, explore metaphors, express and listen to concepts and opinions, assigning responsibilities and tasks, and integrate diverse information and ideas through pretend play. Pretend play can take various forms, and we have the kits to let you try out different scenarios!

#13 Craft your very own Jesmonite Trinket Tray

Are you looking for a place to keep all your mementos? Instead of getting storage boxes, it may be a fun project for you to make your own Jesmonite trinket tray. With simple marbling techniques and ways to explore with various colour combinations. Make a trinket tray that is uniquely yours.

#14 Venture into Resin medium to decorate your desk

Are you an experienced crafter seeking for a more challenging task to accomplish? Resin could be an excellent place to start! The fact that resin is a liquid medium is what makes it so special. You can create patterns using air, marbling, and using natural materials such as dried flowers or wood to create a unique design.

#15 Build a Candle Making experience

Making your DIY soy candle can be as simple or as sophisticated as you like. With homemade candles, the possibilities are endless. There are a ton of methods out there when it comes to making different kind of candles. With these methods are still growing and evolving today. With components of both making an attractive candle and designing your own candle aroma. Hand pouring your very own candles may be more satisfying than you thought!

All Craft kits and materials are both available in-store at Papermarket Greatworld #01-120 and Online. Shop here!

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