STEAM World of Robbi - Puzzle & Spell (Marine)


Robbi is the latest protagonist of Team Green. Through the Robbi and its friends to play a variety of games, both learning and fun, enjoy the time with family / friends, respectively.

Eco-friendly materials: By purchasing Team Green products, you can choose to do something for the environment. Our products are made from environmentally friendly materials, to ensure the sustainability of our planet's forests. Have fun and care for the planet at the same time!
Easy to remove accessories and clear instructions: The kits have simple and clear illustrations that show which puzzle pieces fit together by slots. Use your wits and your hands to experience each assembly step.
Mortise and tenon joint technology: With just the latches and special assembly design, Team Green Jigzle 3D puzzles can be assembled without the need for glue, tape or scissors, and with the use of tweezers to help with smaller pieces.
You can assemble delicate artwork with just your hands!
Includes: 10 game cards
Age Range:3+
How to play: According to the prompts, the letters will be put together to form the specified word, and the animal's pattern will be shown after it is put together. The process requires children to constantly observe, compare and test, so as to cultivate their image memory and logical thinking skill