Noodoll Plush Ricelogi - Log


It's a baby Ricelogi! This adorable tree log was once chopped from the tallest tree in Ricetown. We thought all hope was lost, but with a little optimistic thinking and a lot of patience Ricelogi sprouted themselves a brand new shoot. It pays off to be a dreamer!

Welcome this cuddly, squishy Ricelogi plush into your home and feel their positive vibes and calming presence brighten your day. Ricelogi mini is a teeny baby version of our chonkier Ricelogi plush toy.

This chunky little log friend is made from our fluffiest, softest fabric ever! They're full of wonderfully delicate details like embroidered freckles, tree rings and little claws. And, like all of our Ricemonsters, they're stuffed to the brim for maximum cuddles and squish. 

With so many adorable mini plushies to choose from, who will you pick as your perfect little companion? Can’t decide? Why not start a collection, the Ricemonsters love to be together with their friends!